Infection Sciences (Microbiology & Virology)

The Department of Infection Sciences is a collaboration between the North Bristol NHS trust and Public Health England to provide a hospital-based service for the laboratory diagnosis and clinical management of microbial diseases for patients both in hospital and the community, together with advice on the control of infection.

Laboratories participate and perform well in national quality assurance schemes and is fully accreditied. They are accredited for training with the Institute of Biomedical Science and registration with the Health Care Professions Council and the Royal College of Pathologists.

Medical microbiologists are available, both during the day and out-of-hours, to give advice concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of infectious diseases. Where appropriate, preliminary reports and results are phoned to the clinician concerned. Ward rounds are conducted daily to review and offer advice on the management of inpatients with serious infections.

An active Infection Control Team is available at all times to help with matters relating to the control and prevention of infection.