Bcare Research

BCARE has units in the Department of Microbiology at Southmead Hospital, Bristol and in the Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol. BCARE members have published more than 150 peer reviewed research and review articles since 2000, and in total, BCARE has active research funding of more than £10 million. Southmead and Frenchay Hospitals, situated in North Bristol, is the largest NHS Trust in the South West of England with over 1000 beds and is a University of Bristol teaching trust which is one of two medical schools in the South West region.

The University of Bristol is one of the premiere UK universities, with a strong academic and research record. The newly created Faculty of Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, situated in the School of Medical Sciences, and the Vet School at Langford, with close links to the central Bristol hospitals and the Bristol HPA.

In addition to providing a specialist Therapeutic Drug Monitoring service, the Antimicrobial Reference Laboratory is also able to provide assay services in both clinical trial and research settings. These services include method development and validation, trial management, organisation and running of the research activities, and consultative advice in both the protocol design and seeking of statutory approvals for research. These studies can vary from large industry-sponsored studies to GLP standards through to the smaller investigator-initiated studies looking at antibiotic concentrations in a small cohort of patients. In support of these activities, the Antimicrobial Reference Laboratory is able to undertake specialist analyses of data, including pharmacokinetic and statistical, and provide assistance in the preparation of manuscripts for publication.

Lists of BCARE publications and active research grants are available.

Bcare (ARL) Contact Details

Antimicrobial Reference Laboratory
Level 2, Phase 1, Pathology Sciences Building
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

Telephone: 0117 4146269 or 0117 4146220

Fax: 0117 4146282

Email: arlenquiries@nbt.nhs.uk