Procedure for Requesting Additional Blood Sciences (Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology) Tests

Procedure for Requesting Additional Blood Sciences Tests

(Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology)

We are aware that on occasion it is necessary to request additional tests for a sample already in the laboratory.

Method of requesting

Requests may be received via either ICE mail or by telephone. 
ICE mail add-ons are actioned 24hrs per day. For urgent requests contact the laboratory directly, for all other requests please use ICE mail.

Lab contact details

  • External call 0117 414 8383, select option 2
  • Internal call ext. 48383, select option 2
  • External call to Switchboard 0117 9505050
  • Biochemistry (Bleeps. 9436 or 9437) 
  • Haematology (Bleeps. 9433).

Biochemistry and Haematology Lab Routine Opening Hours

  • Weekdays, weekends and Bank Holidays 08:00 - 21:30

Out of hours

  • Weekdays, weekends and Bank Holidays 21:30 - 08:00

Immunology laboratory

  • Weekdays 08:00 - 16:00

We will accommodate additional requests where possible, provided that:

  • The appropriate specimen type with sufficient sample remaining is available for the requested test.
  • The test does not require special specimen handling.

To request an additional test, please provide following information

  • Sample Number (available on ICE, instructions here- 
  • Name of patient
  • Tests to be added
  • Name and phone number of requester

If the add-on test is urgent, ensure this is communicated to the lab when requesting the add-on.

Guidelines for Additional Requests

Unstable! – add-ons are  NOT appropriate

Within 24 hours of venepuncture

Within 48 hours of venepuncture

Up to three days after


Haematology tests –FBC and RET.

Haematology tests –  PV, GF and G6PD.



Coagulation - DIM, INR, CSC.

Vitamin B12

Bone, Mg

Lactate (unless fluoride tube)

CSF Lactate



Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Troponin I




Malaria Parasites (include travel details)


Cortisol, hCG, LDH, Lipids, 
Oestradiol, Paracetamol
Phenytoin, SHBG

CH50/AP50 Requests for Film Reviews (FR) - these will be vetted by Haematology.



C1 Esterase Inhibtor

Conjugated/Direct Bilirubin    
Any Chemistry test that needs to be referred frozen      

Please note that requesting an additional test is not appropriate for Antimicrobial or Microbiology assays.

Procedure for Requesting Additional Blood Sciences (Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology) Tests