Infection Sciences Contacts

Infection Sciences Contacts

Infection Sciences Contacts
Clinical Lead Infection Sciences/Consultant in Infection (Medical Microbiology)

Prof. Alasdair MacGowan

Infection Sciences Service Manager (Interim post)
Mr Richard Hopes


Public Health England Regional Head of Operations (Interim post)
Mr Jon Steer



Infection Sciences Quality Manager
Mrs Elisabeth North

For complaints or to raise any concerns/issues with services provided by the Infection Sciences laboratory please contact via one of the following:


This email can also be used for general enquiries but please note it is not for sample enquiries, e.g. clinical advice or results.

Address: Infection Sciences Laboratory
Pathology Sciences Building
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

Head of Bacteriology/Consultant in Infection
Dr Martin Williams

Bacteriology Laboratory Manager
Ms Nicola Childs

Head of Virology/Consultant Medical Virologist
Dr Matthew Donati

Virology Laboratory Manager
Mrs Lynette Parfitt

Mycology Reference laboratory
Director of MRL/Consultant Clinical Scientist
Dr Elizabeth Johnson

MRL Laboratory Manager
Mr Michael Palmer

Anti-microbial Reference Laboratory
Principal Clinical Scientist
Mr Alan Noel

Test Information

Test information

Includes details of sample types, volumes, special precautions, turnaround times & reference ranges.