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Point of Care Testing

Point of care testing (POCT), also known as extra-laboratory testing or Near Patient Testing (NPT), refers to any analytical test performed for or by a patient outside the conventional laboratory setting.

The Point of Care Testing Team provides support for many POCT applications to North Bristol NHS Trust.

The service encompasses:

  • Advice on the selection and procurement of POCT equipment.
  • Maintenance and servicing of blood gas analysers across the Trust.
  • Replacement and servicing of blood glucose/ketone meters.
  • Supply of consumables for blood glucose meters including quality control solutions, batteries and user manuals.
  • Supply of Pregnancy testing kits (via Pharmacy).
  • Training in blood gas analysis, blood glucose analysis, capillary blood collection, urinalysis, haemoglobin testing and pregnancy testing.
  • Training materials for urinalysis and pregnancy testing.
  • External Quality Assurance schemes for blood glucose and some other POCT tests.
  • Support for Haematology analysers situated in Out Patients departments and Operating Theatres.
  • Covid-19 testing using Abbott ID Now devices.

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Updated 26/10/2021

Point of Care Testing

The department is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Pathology Sciences Laboratory,
Southmead Hospital,
BS10 5NB

Email: POCT@nbt.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0117 4148422

POCT Information on LINK

The image shows a healthcare worker using a Blood Gas analyser on a ward.

All POCT documentation (including SOPs, Quickguides and manuals) can be found on the POCT pages on LINK.