Cellular Pathology Key Contacts

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Contact Details

Lead Pathologist

Dr Nidhi Bhatt

Tel: 0117 4149880

Email: nidhi.bhatt@nbt.nhs.uk

Laboratory manager

Mr Andrew Heryet

Tel: 0117 4149849

Email: andrew.heryet@nbt.nhs.uk

Operations manager

Mr Mark Orrell

Tel: 0117 4149875

Email: mark.orrell@nbt.nhs.uk

General Enquiries

Tel: 0117 4144890

Fax: 0117 4149390

Email: cellpath@nbt.nhs.uk / cellpath.histology@nhs.net


Severn Pathology

Cellular Pathology

Pathology Sciences Building

Southmead Hospital


BS10 5NB


Test Information

Sample vials for testing

Includes details of sample types, volumes, special precautions, turnaround times & reference ranges.