Immunology – HLA Typing & Renal Crossmatching

HLA Typing, Serum Screening and Renal Crossmatching
Full HLA types are determined for both recipients of organ transplants and potential organ donors. The laboratory offers comprehensive serum screening of potential transplant recipients for HLA antibodies.  The results, together with information on HLA sensitisation events such as blood transfusion, pregnancies and previous transplants, aid in selecting patients for transplant. Finally donor organs are crossmatched against recipient serum to confirm compatibility prior to transplant.

HLA Typing for Drug Hypersensitivities
Screening for HLA-B*57:01 which is associated with hypersensitivity to the drug abacavir, used in HIV treatment, is offered by the laboratory.

HLA Typing for Disease Associations 
Some HLA types have specific disease associations, the most common are given below. Whilst the laboratory is able to offer screening  for these HLA types, it is  important to remember that these are associated with, but not diagnostic for, the disease in question.

HLA TypeAssociated Diseases
HLA-B27Ankylosing Spondylitis, Uvieitis
HLA-B51(5)Behcets Syndrome
HLA-A29Birdshot Chorioretinopathy (Birdshot Uveitis)
HLA-DQ2,DQ8(3)                                                 Coeliac Disease