Bristol Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Turnaround Times

The service has target turnaround times for investigative processes. The majority of cases will be dealt within the target times but in some situations it may prove impossible to meet these by reason of technical or complicated diagnostic pathways.

Bristol Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service Reporting Times

Tissue Target Reporting Time3
Bone Marrow1 7 days
Tissue2 10 days

1. Includes haematological morphology, immunophenotyping and trephine histopathology

2. Includes lymph node morphology and immunohistochemistry

3. Where supplementary tests are required the target reporting times are as detailed below


Haematological morphology

Investigation Target Reporting Time
Peripheral blood morphology 24 hours (working week)
Bone marrow morphology 72 hours (working week)



Investigation Target Target Reporting Time
Haematological malignancies - urgent within 4 hours of receipt
Haematological malignancies - routine 1 working day
PNH Screen 1 working day



Tissue/process Target Reporting Time
Lymph node morphology 3 working days
Lymph node immunohistochemistry 4 working days
Bone marrow trephine 4 working days
Bone marrow immunohistochemistry 7 working days



Investigation Target Reporting Time
Urgent karyotype e.g. AML, ALL, CML 7 calendar days
Routine karyotype e.g. MDS, MPN 21 calendar days
Urgent (Priority 1) FISH e.g. BCR/ABL1, PML/RARA 3 working days
Urgent (Priority 2) FISH e.g. CLL, FFPE 14 calendar days
Routine (Priority 3) FISH e.g. Myeloma 21 calendar days


Molecular Pathology

Investigation Target Reporting Time
Quantitative BCR-ABL1 3 working days
Quantitative BCR-ABL1 monitoring in CML and ALL 14 calendar days
ABL1 kinase domain mutation testing 28 working days
JAK2 (V617F) mutation analysis 14 calendar days
CALR (exon 9) mutation analysis 14 calendar days
JAK2 (exon 12) mutation analysis 28 working days
MPL (exon 10) mutation analysis 28 working days
KIT (exon 8 and 17) mutation analysis 14 calendar days
IG/TCR clonality assessment 14 calendar days
IGVH mutation and gene usage in ALL 14 calendar days
BRAF (V600E) mutation testing 14 calendar days