Bristol Haemato-Oncology Diagnostics Principles of the Service

This statement outlines the purpose and functions of the Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service at North Bristol NHS Trust.

  • The service is a collaboration by components of the department of haematology, immunology, cellular pathology and genetics. The collaboration is necessary to provide an integrated diagnostic and reporting service for leukaemia, lymphoma and other haematological neoplasms. The service will meet or exceed the criteria outlined in the NICE Improving Outcomes Guidance for Haematological Cancers, 2004. The service will accept samples for initial diagnosis, assessment of prognostic factors, assessment of relapse and assessment of minimal residual disease.
  • The service will develop to provide the following components a) Single specimen reception b) Single request form c) Integrated report d) Specialized IT system to link diagnostic sections and integrate reports e) SOP for systematic testing defining order and choice of tests f) SOP for standardised reporting terminology g) Website/user handbook to provide information about the service h) Tissue banking
  • A steering group to manage and direct the development of the service
  • A scientific group to provide support to diagnostic review meeting and clinical MDTs. This group provides advice on developing new investigations and investigative pathways and investigative modalities.
  • The service will support education of scientific and medical staff.
  • The service will support laboratory and clinical research projects.
  • The service will receive samples from local and distant clinical services for complete or partial diagnostic investigation.