Container: EDTA (Lavender top)

Sample type: Plasma

Test name: ACTH a.k.a. adrenocorticotropic hormone

Condition / Indication: Addisons / Cushings

Special precautions & notes: Sample MUST be packed in ice and sent to laboratory within 10 minutes of collection. Most frequently requested as a baseline sample alongside a short synacthen test (SST). If used outside of this application, please contact the lab to discuss.

Reference range: 5 - 50 ng/L (between 7 - 10am)

Container: EDTA (Lavender top)

Ideal volume (mL): 5 mL

Referred outside NBT for analysis? Yes

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Turnaround time: 5 days

Referral location: Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Level 8, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Marlborough Street, Bristol, BS2 8HW