Container: Citrate (Blue top)

Sample type: Plasma

Test name: ADAMTS13

Condition / Indication: ADAMTS13 works by cleaving ultra large Von Willebrand factor multimers and thus regulatates clot formation. ADAMTS13 deficiency may be acquired or congenital and results in increased microthrombi. It is asscoated with a group of conditions called Thrombotic microangiopathies (TTP, HUS, DIC, Preeclampsia/HELLP etc).

Special precautions & notes: Referral test, discuss with the laboratory to determine how the sample should be sent and urgency of the request.

Container: Citrate (Blue top)

Referred outside NBT for analysis? Yes

Discipline: Haematology

Turnaround time: 48 hours

Referral location: University Hospitals Bristol