Amino Acids Urine

Container: Urine plain 5ml (Beige top)

Sample type: Urine - Random

Test name: Amino Acids Urine

Special precautions & notes: Please note plasma is the recommended sample for the investigation of disorders of amino acid metabolism. Urine amino acid analysis is only indicated in the diagnosis of disorders of amino acid transport (cystinuria, lysinuric protein intolerance, Hartnup disease). Please contact laboratory for more information. Note, for investigation of renal stones and suspected cystinuria, please request Urine Cystine test.

Reference range: Interpretative report provided

Container: Urine plain 5ml (Beige top)

Alternative container: Universal (white top)

Ideal volume (mL): 5 mL

Referred outside NBT for analysis? No

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Section: Metabolic Biochemistry

Turnaround time: 21 days

Information for Laboratories referring samples for analysis at NBT:

Send by first class post.


Ion-exchange chromatography (Biochrom)