Haemoglobinopathy screen

Container: EDTA (Lavender top)

Sample type: Whole Blood

Test name: Haemoglobinopathy screen a.k.a. sickle cell screen, thalassaemia screen, haemoglobin variant screen

Condition / Indication: Determination of haemoglobinopathy

Special precautions & notes: Provide family origin information. HbF raised in pregnancy up to 10%. If antenatal request please see Haematology antenatal request form below or request via ICE.

Reference range: HbA2  1.5 - 3.5%  /   HbF up to 0.9%

Container: EDTA (Lavender top)

Ideal volume (mL): 4 mL

Discipline: Haematology

Turnaround time: 3 days