Container: Serum (Gold top)

Sample type: Serum

Test name: hCG

Condition / Indication: Tumour Marker, and assessment of ectopic pregnancy. Not offered for routine pregnancy testing where urine is preferred and tested using a point of care device.

Special precautions & notes: Patients under the care of the Trophoblastic Tumour Screening and Treatment Centre at Charing Cross Hospital should have their samples sent direct to the hospital.

Reference range: Note new reference ranges from 14/11/22: Non-pregnant pre-menopausal females <5 IU/L; hCG levels are higher in pregnancy and double approximately every 48 hours in viable early pregnancy. See local guidelines for hCG values in the management of ectopic pregnancy; post-menopausal females: <12 IU/L, males: <2 IU/L

Container: Serum (Gold top)

Alternative container: Li heparin (green top)

Ideal volume (mL): 5 mL

Referred outside NBT for analysis? No

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Section: Automated Laboratory

Turnaround time: 1 day (2 hours for urgent requests)