MCS (Corneal Scrapes)

Sample type: Corneal Scrapes

Test name: MCS (Corneal Scrapes)

Special precautions & notes: The ulcer should be scraped using a sterile scalpel blade and the blade dropped into the bijou of broth. A second scrape should be used to inoculate both of the glass slides within the marked area for virology (immunofluorescence) and bacteriology (microscopy). Ensure that the slides are labelled in pencil with the patient name on the same side as the smear.

Container: Kits available from lab and A&E dept at BEH & RUH

Discipline: Microbiology

Turnaround time: 10 days

Further information: The laboratory should be notified by phone in advance of all scrapes taken. Deep or operative eye specimens should be sent directly to the laboratory for urgent processing. Delays can compromise results. There is an agreement with BEH