Neonatal Crossmatch - Blood Transfusion

Container: EDTA (Pink) 6.0 ml

Sample type: Whole Blood

Test name: Neonatal Crossmatch - Blood Transfusion

Condition / Indication: Requesting blood

Special precautions & notes: Clinician to discuss with Laboratory for specific requirements. Please provide adequate time to process. Adhoc requests: expect 2-3 hours from receipt of sample to blood being available in the fridge. Urgent requests (within the hour): please phone the lab to advise. All other routine requests: the blood will be made available as specified on the form. Use electronic bedside phlebotomy where possible. The lab may also require maternal details and in some cases a sample.

Container: EDTA (Pink) 6.0 ml

Ideal volume (mL): 1 mL

Discipline: Blood Transfusion

Turnaround time: See Notes