Newborn Screen

Container: Bloodspots on a newborn screening card

Sample type: Blood spot

Test name: Newborn Screen a.k.a. guthrie test

Condition / Indication: Newborn Blood spot screen

Special precautions & notes: Currently, screens for PKU, MCADD, IVA, HCU, MSUD, GA1, congenital hypothyroidism, Cystic Fibrosis and sickle cell disease are performed. Please see for further information including sample requirements and expected turn around times.

Reference range: Suspected' results reported immediately to the appropriate clinician (Health Visitor and GP are also informed). Other results including 'Not suspected' reported to the appropriate Child Health Record Department.

Container: Bloodspots on a newborn screening card

Ideal volume (mL): 4x Spots

Referred outside NBT for analysis? No

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Section: Newborn Screening


Tandem Mass Spectrometry (PKU, MCADD, IVA, HCU, MSUD, GA1), Immunoassay (CHT, CF), HPLC with IEF to confirm (Sickle).