Thrombophilia Screen

Container: Citrate (Blue top)

Sample type: Whole Blood

Test name: Thrombophilia Screen

Condition / Indication: Hereditary Thrombophilia is a genetically determined increased risk of thrombosis. Testing for heritable thrombophilia in unselected patients with symptomatic VTE does not predict likelihood of recurrence, nor does testing reduce risk of recurrence. Please follow relevant guidelines when requesting this test.

Special precautions & notes: Unable to provide accurate results if patient on anticoagulant therapy. A full Thrombophilia screen consists of: Clotting Screen, Antithrombin III, protein C activity, Free Protein S antigen, Lupus anticoagulant screen (DRVVT and Lupus Sensitive APTT), as well as Prothrombin G20210A genotype & Factor V Leiden which are send away tests.

Container: Citrate (Blue top)

Ideal volume (mL): 3 full tubes

Discipline: Haematology

Turnaround time: 21 days