Transferrin Glycoforms

Container: Serum (Gold top)

Sample type: Serum

Test name: Transferrin Glycoforms a.k.a. transferrin isoforms

Condition / Indication: For the investigation of congenital disorders of glycosylation. Not a suitable test for alcohol abuse.

Special precautions & notes: Please discuss request with laboratory. Not for patients under 3 weeks old, due to the presence of maternal transferrin. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks after a transfusion.

Reference range: Reference range quoted on report provided by referral laboratory.

Container: Serum (Gold top)

Ideal volume (mL): 5 mL

Referred outside NBT for analysis? Yes

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Section: Metabolic Biochemistry

Turnaround time: 14 days

Referral location: Neuroimmunology & CSF Laboratory, Room 917, Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG