Movement Disorders Service Team

Consultant Neurologists

Dr Alan Whone  
Secretary: Laura Martin   
Telephone: 0117 414 6690

Dr Konrad Szewczyk-Krolikowski  
Secretary: Laura Martin
Telephone: 0117 414 6690

Dr Mihaela Boca  
Secretary: Tracy Chiddy
Telephone: 0117 414 7984

Dr Sabine Klepsch 
Secretary: Tracey Gore   
Telephone: 0117 414 6692

Care of the Elderly Physicians with an interest in Parkinson’s

Dr Jarrod Richards   

Medicine for Older People Specialty Lead

Dr Edward Richfield  
Telephone: 0117 4146445

Movement Disorder Nurse Specialists

The Movement Disorder Nurse Specialists work in the complex therapies service and provide an in-reach service for patients on the wards who have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

Lucy Mooney  
Lead Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist

Caroline Robbins  

Caroline Norris    

Jeanette Brooks 

Cissy Thomas  

Sophie Chilcott

Complex Therapies Nurse Telephone Clinic

Telephone 0117 414 8269 

Mondays to Fridays, 09:00 – 17:00 hours

In Emergency Situations only

Please ring Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist on 07874885155 (This mobile number has replaced the different bleeps)

Complex Therapies Administration Team

Susan Aiers  

Sarah Adair  

Telephone: 0117 4148266

Telephone: 0117 414 8279 

AbbVie Duodopa® 24-hour helpline:  0800 4584410

Britannia APO-go® (Apomorphine) Technical Helpline:   0844 880 1327

DBS Surgical Team

Consultant Neurosurgeons

Mr Neil Barua    

Ms Reiko Ashida  

DBS Surgery Co-ordinator

Safina Saddique  

Telephone: 0117 4146700

Movement Disorders Service Team