Lung Cancer Services

The Lung Cancer Team sees over 300 newly diagnosed patients each year and the numbers are increasing with each passing year.

The dedicated Lung Cancer Team at Southmead Hospital Bristol consists of:

  • Respiratory Consultants
  • Lung Cancer Specialist Nurses
  • Research Doctors and Nurses
  • Oncology Treatment Specialist Consultants
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Surgeons

The Lung Cancer Team aim to provide long term care of the patients, families and carers leading up to, during and after a diagnosis of lung cancer is made.

We run daily respiratory clinics where new patients are seen, assessed, diagnostic tests arranged and treatments discussed. At this appointment each patient will also get the opportunity to meet with the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist.

The role of the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist is to co-ordinate the diagnostic process as well as to provide support to the patient and family during the difficult time of obtaining a diagnosis. At this point you will also be given the contact details of the Specialist Nurse.

The Specialist Nurse also co-ordinates the care of patients undergoing treatment i.e chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery by closely liaising with the patient, all members of the Lung Cancer Team as well as GP’s and Community teams.

The Thoracic Surgeon visits Southmead every week to review patients following surgery that has been performed at the Regional Thoracic Surgery Unit at UHB.

The Specialist Oncology team visits Southmead every week to review patients having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In-patient chemotherapy and radiotherapy is given at The Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre. There are also facilities for giving day case chemotherapy at satellite centres across Bristol.

There is a dedicated Pleural Clinic held at Southmead Hospital Bristol every week where patients with Mesothelioma and pleural disease are seen. We also have the facility to see patients with pleural effusion at short notice to prevent admission.

All new diagnosis patients are discussed at a weekly Multidisciplinary Team Meeting where all members of the Lung Cancer Team are able to review each case on an individual basis and discuss the best course of action.

If you require any further information on Lung Cancer or about the Lung Cancer Team please contact the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists.

For information on Lung Cancer care pathways, visit