Head Injury Therapy Unit (HITU)

HITU Service

The Head Injury Therapy Unit is a professional rehabilitation outpatient service for people who have sustained a brain injury. 

HITU Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Team at HITU consists of 2 Physiotherapists. Their role involves assessing clients assessment.

HITU Occupational Therapy

Each patient is assessed as part of their overall assessment. Measurable goals are then planned in conjunction with the client and the interdisciplinary team

HITU Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapists focus on minimising the impact of functional communication and swallowing difficulties one might experience following a brain injury.

HITU Neuropsychology

The neuropsychologist will often assess thinking (cognitive) abilities.

HITU Rehabilitation Support

Our HITU Rehabilitation Support Worker works across all disciplines with various members of the HITU team.

HITU Clinical Enquiries or Referral

Dr Angelita Cruz
Clinical Lead
Head Injury Therapy Unit
Frenchay Beckspool Building
Frenchay Park Road
BS16 1LE

Telephone: 0117 414 3280
Email: hitu@nbt.nhs.uk

Head Injury Therapy Unit (HITU)