HITU Occupational Therapy

Each patient is assessed as part of the overall assessment.

The initial assessment includes using:

  • The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
  • The Chessington Occupational Therapy Neurological assessment Battery
  • A functional assessment carried out in the home environment.

Measurable goals are then planned in conjunction with the client and the interdisciplinary team.

Occupational Therapy at HITU may include:

  • Devising strategies to help with cognitive, perceptual and physical deficits in everyday life and supporting clients to implement these in their homes, workplace or in the community.
  • Worksite assessments, planning and implementing graded return to work programmes and regular monitoring.
  • Liaison with employers, job centres and other community agencies.
  • Investigation into voluntary work.
  • Introduction of community activities such as leisure or educational training.
  • Provision of equipment to enable independence at home
  • Upper limb rehabilitation
  • Group work.

HITU Occupational Therapy