Reconstructive Prosthetics

Reconstructive Prosthetics provides services to help rehabilitate patients following a traumatic event, disease removal or body-part absence from birth, when surgical reconstruction is not possible or favourable. 

We can provide smaller bespoke facial and body prosthetics, burns and scar splints, aid planning surgical procedures with surgeons, as well as manufacture implants (such as cranioplasty plates and gold eyelid weights).  We provide an internal/external device for the surgeon or patient to use, all of which are custom-made specifically for each person.

Usually referred to us by a consultant surgeon, you will receive an appointment from us to discuss your needs. During your initial appointment, we will discuss with you what we can provide, how it may help you and what is involved in the process. 

For prostheses, you may be required to attend several appointments to take impressions, try prototypes made for you in wax, colour match silicone to your skin tone and to fit the final prosthesis.

Other devices may take less time and may only require one or two assessment appointments (such as for gold eyelid weight appointments).

If you are given a prosthesis or device to use, this may require regular follow-up to us for adjustments or renewing for the time that you use it.

Contact Reconstructive Prosthetics

Gate 24, Level 1
Brunel Building
Southmead Hospital
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Telephone: 0117 4143640 or 0117 4143641

Paediatric clinics are held at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Southmead Hospital. 

Reconstructive Prosthetics