Reconstructive Prosthetics FAQs

My appointment letter says Plastic Surgery, is this for Reconstructive Prosthetics?

Yes, our clinics run within the Plastic Surgery specialty on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons usually in Gate 24 of the Brunel Building.

Shall I bring my old/current prosthesis or device with me to the appointment?

Yes please. It is very useful for us to discuss this with you and some parts may be used again on new devices.

Something is wrong with my prosthesis/device and it’s not fitting properly now, is it ok to keep using it?

No, please stop using it and contact us immediately for advice and/or an appointment.

I require help with my limb (leg or arm) prosthesis, is this the right department?

No, we are a separate department. You may require the Bristol Centre for Enablement for limb prosthetics, visit for more information. 

Is everyone entitled to have prostheses?

Funding for our service through the NHS should be discussed with your consultant before referral.

Reconstructive Prosthetics FAQs