HITU Speech & Language Therapy

Our Speech & Language Therapists focus on minimising the impact of functional communication and swallowing difficulties one might experience following a brain injury.

Communication can be affected by having difficulties with:

  • Finding words,
  • Understanding what has been said,
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Articulating / pronunciation,
  • Voice
  • Following a conversation,
  • Eye contact,
  • Saying things appropriately,
  • Organising what is said,
  • Understanding humour

Difficulty with functional communication can impact on independent living, inter-personal relationships with friends and/or family, consumer activities, academics, and/or work.

Sometimes people experience difficulty swallowing food and/or fluid following a brain injury. Coughing, choking, or taking longer to eat can greatly affect someone’s life.

Therapeutic intervention can occur individually or in a group, at HITU, home, or in the community.

HITU Speech & Language Therapy