Respiratory Outpatients

The North Bristol Lung Centre runs a number of general respiratory and specialist respiratory outpatient clinics. The clinics take place at Southmead Hospital and several locations out in the community:

  • Respiratory Outpatient Clinic, Level 1, Brunel Building, Southmead Hospital
  • Cossham Memorial Hospital Clinic
  • The North Bristol Lung Centre Clinic
  • Thornbury Hospital Clinic

In addition to routine respiratory clinics also run a number of specialist clinics as follows:

  • Pleural Clinic (Dr Maskell)
  • Difficult Asthma (Dr. Plummeridge)
  • Bronchiectasis (Dr Smith)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease (Professor Millar & Dr Adamali)
  • Lung Cancer (Dr Charlie Comins, Dr Jeremy Braybrooke & Mr Doug West)
  • Tuberculosis (Dr Calvert)
  • Hot Clinic (Admission avoidance – consultant and specialist nurse led on a daily basis)

The Outpatient Clinic Receptionist works Monday to Thursday and is responsible for meeting and greeting patients and recording patients' attendances and outcomes. She is also responsible for booking follow up appointments and arranging transport where necessary.

Most clinics are supported by one Staff Nurse and one Senior Health Care Assistant. It is the responsibility of the Nurse in Charge of the clinic to ensure that the clinic runs as smoothly and timely as possible. Prior to seeing the doctor, the nurse records the patient’s weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, spirometry and oxygen saturations. She also takes blood samples or performs ECGs at the request of the doctor as well as teaching inhaler techniques.

Respiratory Outpatients