Respiratory "Hot" Clinic

The clinic runs Monday to Friday 8 am to 4pm. 

The clinic is staffed by a Respiratory Consultant, supported by a Respiratory Nurse Specialist and a Specialist Registrar. 

This service is available to GPs and Community Matrons to refer patients they feel meet the referral criteria. It is intended to prevent the admission of patients with acute respiratory problems and is suitable for referral of adult patients threatening admission with a respiratory problem. Patients are discharged from the clinic with a management plan drawn up by a Respiratory Consultant.

This service is NOT for suspected lung cancer in well patients - these must still be referred via the "2 week wait fast track" service.

Respiratory "Hot" Clinic

Gate 12
Brunel building
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

Fax: 0117 414 9451


Respiratory "Hot" Clinic