Respiratory Patient Information

Chest drain

A chest drain is a narrow tube that is inserted between the ribs and sits in the space between the lung and the chest wall.

Chronic Cough

Information about a persistent (chronic) cough, its causes and treatments.

Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA)

An EBUS is a procedure that allows the doctor to look into your lungs (similar to a bronchoscopy) but then to take samples of the glands in the centre of your chest (mediastinum) using the aid of an ultrasound scan. 


A summary on why Enoxaparin is being considered for you, how it may be given and the potential side effects of the medication.

Exercise Induced Asthma Test

An exercise induced asthma test involves some simple breathing tests and exercising on a treadmill to assess whether this causes your airways to become narrower.

Induced laryngeal obstruction test

Information about induced laryngeal obstruction tests to examine the vocal cords structures around them. 

Indwelling Pleural Catheter (IPC)

An IPC is a soft, flexible, plastic tube which can be used to drain pleural fluid from the cavity between your lungs and rib cage (the pleural cavity).

Living with a Chronic Lung Condition

We cannot cure your breathlessness but we can teach you methods to control and improve it. Practising these simple techniques can improve the efficiency of breathing and reduce the sensation of being breathless.

Lung nodules

Information for patients about lung nodules. 

Mannitol challenge

Mannitol is a naturally occuring sugar. A “Mannitol challenge” test is a simple test that involves inhaling a fine mannitol powder, via an inhaler.

Medical thoracoscopy

A thoracoscopy is a routine procedure performed by respiratory doctors. It is a way of looking inside the space between your lungs and rib cage (the pleural cavity) with a camera.


Nintedanib, also known as Ofev®, is an antifibrotic medication designed to try and slow the development of scarring (fibrosis) in the lungs. Read more about being on treatment with nintedanib.


Pirfenidone, also known as Esbriet®, is an anti-fibrotic medication which has been shown to slow the progression of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Find out more about being on treatment with pirfenidone.

Pleural aspiration (thoracocentesis)

Information about pleural aspiration (thoracocentesis) where a small needle is passed through your chest wall, to remove fluid or air from the space between your lung and the rib cage (the pleural space)

Pleural vent ambulatory device

Information about pleural vents used to treat pneumothorax: what a pleural vent is, why it is used, and how it is inserted.

Respiratory Patient Information