Pain Management - Relaxation

Please do not use this recording when driving, operating machinery, or undertaking any task that requires your concentration or full attention. 

Track 1. Grounding practice. A four minute practice bringing the focus of attention to the present moment using the senses.

Track 2. Autogenic relaxation. An 11 minute practice, which involves letting go of tension in the body by learning to use sensations of warmth and heaviness.

Track 3. Deep muscle relaxation. A 15 minute practice, which involves learning how to sense muscle tension, and how to let go of that tension.

Track 4. Self-hypnosis. An 18 minute practice, which involves learning to use your breath and also your imagination to relax body and mind together.

Track 5. ‘Red spot’ relaxation. A 15 minute practice, which involves using an imagined warmth to relax the mind and the body.

Download relaxation audio (MP3) tracks:

If you would like to understand more about the use of relaxation methods for pain management,
download: Pain Management Programme - Relaxation patient information leaflet


Pain Management - Relaxation