South West Maternal Medicine: Your Pregnancy Journey

Because you have a medical condition it is likely that you will have specialist team that monitor and manage your health, they may have even been involved in managing your condition in order to help stabilise your health prior to conception.

Some health conditions make pregnancy slightly more complex to manage and in turn pregnancy can make some health conditions more difficult to manage. When this is the case it is usual to have your pregnancy monitored by a consultant who specialises in medical conditions in pregnancy at your local tertiary hospital.

The South West Maternal Medicine Network allows the pool of knowledge about your condition to be larger. We have a team of specialist Doctors and midwives, who, as a group can look at your condition and pregnancy alongside each other and along with you and your family safely plan your pregnancy and birth.

Many conditions will continue to be managed at your local hospital and we can use virtual meetings to review your pregnancy.

Some conditions are more complex and you may need to attend a specialist hospital during your pregnancy and for the birth of your baby. You can see an example of the care plans used in the ‘care plan’ section of this website.

South West Maternal Medicine: Your Pregnancy Journey