SLTs assess, diagnose and manage swallowing disorders (dysphagia) associated with acquired neurological illnesses, stroke, head and neck surgery, palliative care and respiratory complications (e.g. tracheostomy).

Early intervention is desirable.

SLTs contribute to the diagnosis and management of swallowing difficulties and work as part of the multi-disciplinary team. Our aim is to identify those individuals who have the potential for aspiration (i.e. inhalation of food, fluid, saliva, and reflux) and to ensure that eating and drinking is safe and sufficient.

We will provide written information about the nature of the swallowing disorder, results of assessments, agreed oral intake and any appropriate swallowing strategies in the person’s medical notes/outpatient care plan. Further investigation via Videofluoroscopy (i.e. a video X-ray of the swallow) or endoscopy may be required).

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