Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

If you need to remain in hospital for more than a couple of weeks, you will move from the Acute Stroke Unit to the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit. We aim to move you when you are well enough and you will stay on the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit until you are ready to leave hospital.

What happens on the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit?
We work closely with the Acute Stroke Unit and continue any treatment that was started there.

You might need to be treated by any combination of our therapists, depending on how your stroke has affected you. Rehabilitation is a 24 hour process, not just when you are seeing the therapists, and the nurses will encourage you to practise your activities on the ward and to do what you can for yourself.

  • You will have named therapists who will treat you.
  • You will have an individual plan for your needs.
  • Your treatment plan will progress as you improve.
  • If you are well enough, you will have a therapy timetable.
  • Therapy sessions might be at the bedside or in the therapy rooms/gym.
  • You might have individual or group sessions.

Key worker
A after you have arrived on the ward, you will be allocated a rehabilitation key worker. Their role is to ensure the best treatment and discharge plan for you.

Progress meeting
Your key worker will arrange a progress meeting so you and your family can talk to your team. At the meeting we will set treatment goals (“stepping stones”) which are related to improving your independence, to aim towards leaving hospital. Together we identify how long you will need to stay in hospital and what support you will need afterwards. Your meetings are an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It is important for us to understand your expectations and wishes so that together we can plan for your future.

Team meetings
In addition to your own progress meetings, the stroke team meets every Tuesday afternoon to discuss treatment and discharge plans.