Hyper Acute Stroke Unit

The Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) is an acute stroke ward providing specialist services for people who have had a new suspected stroke.

On the HASU we provide:

  • Thrombolysis treatment - treatment is started in the Emergency Department and you will have the rest of your treatment and monitoring on the HASU. 
  • Acute monitoring up to the first 72 hours, as required. We may need to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, oxygen levels, conscious level, cardiac monitoring and temperature. 
  • Investigations to identify the type of stroke you have had, and possible reasons for your stroke. We have close links with neuroradiology and neurosurgery departments to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Early assessment and rehabilitation by therapists. We set some early goals for therapy which are usually related to feeding, sitting balance and mobility. 
  • High risk Transient Ischaemic Attack(TIA ) patients may need to be admitted to the ward for monitoring. 

Some people come to North Bristol NHS Trust from other areas for their early treatment. If we are not your local hospital, you will be transferred to your own hospital as soon as you are ready for transfer. We will continue your care in the meantime. If your diagnosis is not a stroke or TIA you may need to be transferred to another more appropriate ward. On the HASU we will identify the most appropriate treatment plan ('pathway') for you.

  • If you have had a small stroke without any resulting problems you might be able to be discharged from hospital quickly. You will need new medications. 
  • If you have mild difficulties after a small stroke you might be able to be discharged quickly with support from the Integrated Community Stroke Service (ICSS), who can provide some rehabilitation at home. 
  • If you need to stay in hospital for your treatment, you will transfer to the Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) for your continued care. You will be able to transfer from HASU to ASU when you become medically well enough.
  • If you need ongoing rehabilitation and assessment in a hospital setting but no longer need the level of medical and nursing care provided on the HASU and ASU you will be transferred to the Stroke Sub Acute Rehabilitation Units (SSARUs) located at Weston General Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital.

Unfortunately some strokes are devastating and we will ensure appropriate palliative end of life care on the ward if this is necessary.

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Hyper Acute Stroke Unit