SAU Hot Clinic

The SAU Hot clinic is suitable for patients with general surgery or urology problems who might not require admission to hospital but who can be assessed in a private examination rooms, walk to radiology in the emergency zone and wait in a waiting area between investigation and review.

For patients who require an ultrasound scan, you will be assessed, have blood and urine tests performed, have the scan and then have a senior review when all the results are available. 

If the scan is of the upper abdomen, you cannot eat a meal for 6 hours before or  drink water up to 2 hours before the scan.

If the scan is of the lower abdomen, then patients will be advised to drink so they have a full bladder.

If a procedure is required, such as an insertion of a catheter, this can be performed in the clinic.

For patients with an abscess, you will be seen and assessed. If possible, surgery will be performed on the same day but in most cases, you will need to come back first thing on the following day to have surgery as a day case patient.

Ambulatory care (hot clinic) runs every day including weekends with the aim of performing a complete set of investigations and a review by a senior surgeon. This can take some time so you should expect to be in attendance at the SAU hot clinic for up to 4 hours.

Occasionally other tests might be required. such as a CT scan. 

Upon going home, you will have a letter informing their GP of their investigations and diagnosis. For some patients, a specialist clinic appointment or further outpatient tests might be arranged where necessary.

Patients with vascular problems can be seen in the vascular hot clinic. This clinic is located on Gate 5 and provides you access to vascular testing (Duplex ultrasound).

Admission to Hospital

If you do require admission to hospital, the average length of stay for most patients is 2 days. Some patients may require more specialist treatment, which might include surgery. If this is the case, you will be transferred to the relevant surgical specialist ward:

  • 33B  Vascular surgery
  • 34B  Urology and General surgery
  • 34A  General surgery and Medicine

Contact SAU

SAU is on 32B, Level 1, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital.

It is above the Medical Admission Unit (MAU), Emergency Department (ED) and Radiology which are on Level 0.

Telephone: 0117 4143234 or 0117 4143233

SAU Hot Clinic