Haematological Malignancy Diagnostics (SIHMDS)

BHODS Techniques

Techniques include the following: Flow Cytometry, Histopathology, Cytogenetics, Fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH), Molecular Genetics.

BHODS Request Form

The request form is the most efficient way to for samples to be sent to the service. We can supply paper copies on request or download the request form PDF.

Bristol Haemato-Oncology

Pathology Sciences
Southmead Hospital

Telephone: 0117 4146133 or 0117 4148561

Email: Flowlab@nbt.nhs.uk


HiLIS for look up of results of samples sent to the diagnostic service (connection requires N3).

Test Information

Sample vials for testing

Includes details of sample types, volumes, special precautions, turnaround times & reference ranges.

SIHMDS-BHODS Operational Policy

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