Creatinine clearance

Container: Serum (Gold top) and Urine 24 hour (plain)

Sample type: Serum and Urine

Test name: Creatinine clearance

Special precautions & notes: Largely replaced by eGFR (Estimated GFR) Please discuss with the laboratory. Blood should be taken during the urine collection period. For use with children, please give height and weight of patient.

Reference range: In adults creatinine clearance is calculated as follows, where urine volume is in mL, and serum and urine creatinine values are both in umol/L. CrCl = (uCr x uV) / (sCr x 1440) = mL/min/1.73 m2.

Container: Serum (Gold top) and Urine 24 hour (plain)

Ideal volume (mL): n/a

Referred outside NBT for analysis? No

Discipline: Clinical Biochemistry

Section: Automated Laboratory

Turnaround time: 8 hours