Bariatric Surgery Assessment

We have strict criteria as to who is eligible for weight loss surgery. This not only depends on your weight, but also the presence of other health problems or psychological issues. Not everyone is suited to surgery as it means a complete change in lifestyle and some people find difficultly coping afterwards. Most of our patients however do very well and achieve good long term weight loss.

If your GP considers that you may be suitable for surgery they will refer you to us. You will then undergo detailed assessment with members of our team. This will include a nurse, dietician, and a surgeon. You may also be required to see a weight loss physician and psychologist. You may need to come back on a few occasions to address issues identified at that time or perform pre-op tests. Once the team as a whole are happy that you are ready to go ahead with surgery we will add your name to the waiting list. This whole process can take a number of months. During the assessment, the types of operation will be discussed with you as not everyone is suited to each procedure.

For further information, download patient information leaflets: