Bariatric Surgery Team

We have an experienced team at North Bristol NHS Trust dedicated to giving you the best care and achieving your weight and health goals.

We have been performing weight loss surgery since 2003 and have operated on more than 7,00 patients.


Head of Service
Mr Jim Hewes

Mr Alan Osborne

Mr James Hopkins

Mr Dimitrios Pournaras 

Endocrine and weight loss physician
Dr Hassan Kahal

Bariatric Specialist Nurse
Faye Taylor

Jen Dacombe

Jess Munafo

Lead Anaesthetist
Dr Jill Homewood

Daniel Sharp

Bariatric Co-ordinator
Pauline Clifford
Maddie Manning
Telephone: 0117 414 0855/ 0117 414 0854

Waiting List Co-ordinator
Joanna Ornoch
Telephone: 0117 414 8826

Danielle Wig

Bariatric Surgery Team