Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve GastrectomyThis operation involves removing approximately 80% of the stomach, leaving a thin tube or sleeve (about the width of your thumb) which holds about 50-100mL of fluid (about ½ cup of tea). The ‘gut’ or digestive tract remains intact below the stomach. It works by restricting the volume of food you can eat. It also removes some stomach cells that produce a hormone that controls hunger, so patients often don’t feel as hungry afterwards. This has positive effects on diabetes and often patients can stop their medication after surgery. The operation takes about one hour and the hospital stay is two days.

Advantages: Sleeve gastrectomy is simpler than gastric bypass and has similar initial effects on diabetes. You are less likely to need to take vitamins afterwards

Disadvantages: Long term weight loss maintenance is less well known than for the other operations. It may also worsen severe acid reflux and is irreversible.