Cancer Services - Clinical Trials


Clinical trials are research studies that look at new ways of delivering medical care and test new drugs or combinations of drugs in patients.

Clinical trials in cancer care is extremely important as a means of exploring and deciding on the most effective and efficient means of treating and diagnosing cancer.

The clinical trials team at North Bristol NHS Trust co-ordinates and support the delivery of clinical trials across a variety of cancers including:

  • Haematology
  • Urology
  • Brain
  • Head and Neck
  • Upper Gastro Intestinal
  • Colorectal
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Skin

If you are eligible for a study that we are running at North Bristol NHS Trust, a member of the clinical trials team will discuss the study with you in detail.

Participation in clinical trials is voluntary and if you decide not to participate, this will not influence your treatment in any way.

Take Part in Research

Speak to the person treating you to see if there is a research trial or study suitable for you. 

Cancer Services - Clinical Trials