Vascular Enhanced Recovery Surgery

The aim of Vascular Enhanced Recovery Surgery is to get you back to full health as quickly as possible after your operation.

Research indicates that after surgery your recovery will be quicker with fewer complcations the earlier we get you out of bed, exercising, eating and drinking. In order to achieve this we need to work together to enhance your recovery.

Before surgery

It is important to keep as active as you can before your operation and if you are a smoker you should stop now. Stopping smoking helps reduce breathing problems after surgery. You can see your GP or pharmacist for advice to help you stop smoking.


Before you come into hospital for your surgery, your Consultant will see you in the outpatients department to explain your operation. Following this you will be sent a date to attend the pre-operative assessment clinic, where we will carry out routine tests to ensure you are fit and safely prepared for surgery. All patients are routinely screened for potential infections at this time.

Pre-operative assessment clinic

The specialist Enhanced Recovery Nurse will see you at the pre-operative assessment clinic and will explain the programme to you.                 

What you eat is important, as good nutrition now will help you recover faster from your operation.

You will be given a choice of special nourishing supplement drinks called ‘fortijuce’ and ‘fortisip’, in a variety of flavours. These are nutrional supplements containing protein (to aid healing) and vitamins (to support your immune system ). Regardless of your weight or appetite, you will be given some of these drinks to take home with you. Take them at the time discussed.

You will be provided with written information and given the opportunity to ask questions. If you have concerns about your appetite or diet before coming in for your operation please speak to the nurses at your pre-assessment visit.
If required, you will be referred to the anaesthetist and pharmacist.

If you were told to take Preop drinks, take them at the time discussed. These drinks are a clear liquid ‘breakfast’ to ensure your body has fuel to work with whilst you are not eating. If you are diabetic we will not give you these as they can cause your blood sugars to rise.

After your surgery

Mobilizing and exercising
Following your surgery, when you wake up, it is important that you do deep breathing exercises (as prevention against chest infection). You will need to do 5 deep breathing exercises every hour as follows:

  • Start in a comfortable position, ideally sitting upright in the bed or chair with your shoulders relaxed.
  • Take a long, slow deep breath in, as much as possible. Hold this breath for 3 seconds.
  • Slowly breath out.
  • Take 3 more deep breaths in the same way. Then return to breathing normally.


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