Neuropsychiatry Service

North Bristol NHS Trust’s neuropsychiatry service is based at The Rosa Burden Centre, Southmead Hospital.

The neuropsychiatry team is a mix of professionals from different disciplines including:

  • Doctors in psychiatry and neurology.
  • Nurse therapists trained in physical and mental health.
  • Psychological therapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Occupational therapy.

We work with patients who have a mixture of different problems including:

  • Mental illness associated with neurological diseases.
  • Epilepsy and non-epileptic attacks.
  • Functional neurological symptoms.
  • Neurological sleep disorders.

We aim to provide high quality specialist assessment and treatment plans that incorporate expertise in both physical and mental health.

Being a part of the neuroscience department, we work closely with our colleagues in neurology and neurosurgery. We also provide neuropsychiatry support for the mental health liaison team for inpatients in other wards at Southmead Hospital.

Our outpatient clinics take referrals from across the south west from general practitioners, neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.

Our inpatient service is situated within the Rosa Burden Centre. We have two inpatient beds for patients with neuropsychiatric conditions, and two inpatient beds for assessment of sleep disorders.

Neuropsychiatry Service