Neuropsychiatry Team

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Dr Anish Patel, Consultant Psychiatrist and Specialty Lead 
Dr Monica Mohan, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Dr Dane Rayment, Locum Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Specialty Doctor
Dr Jahnavi Acharya

Neuropsychiatry Management Team
Mrs Rhona Galt, Divisional Manager
Mrs Emma Newland, Service Manager

Ward Manager/Sisters
Mrs Penny Crawley, Ward Manager and Sister
Mrs Rachael Crowley, Junior Sister

Therapy Staff
Mr Andrew Green, Occupational Therapist
Mrs Rosemarie Brown, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Administration Team
Mrs Sharon Mainstone, Performance Support Co-ordinator
Miss Hannah Ferris, Outpatient Booking Co-ordinator
Mrs Yvonne Munn, Medical Secretary
Miss Jennifer Littler, Medical Secretary
Mrs Susan Estcourt, Department Receptionist
Ms Perpetual Eremionkhale, Department Receptionist
Mrs Annette Manning, Inpatient Ward Receptionist
Miss Anne Smith, Inpatient Ward Receptionist