Neuropsychology Useful Links The Brain & Spine Foundation website contains information resources for people with neurological conditions. Free leaflets aimed at the general public. More topics will appear over the next few months, so please revisit the site. The Encephalitis Society website provides evidence based information on all aspects of the condition in printed, electronic, video and audio formats . Epilepsy Action was set up in 1950, and since then the Association has changed dramatically, but their aim is still the same - to raise awareness of epilepsy. Headway, the charity that works to improve life after brain injury. NeuroSymptoms is a website about symptoms that are neurological (such as weakness, numbness or blackouts), real (and not imagined), but not due to neurological disease. The website is written by a neurologist with a special interest in these problems and aims to give you a better understanding of these symptoms. It has no advertising and does not make any money for the author.

Neuropsychology Useful Links