Fracture Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

I was seen in the Emergency Department yesterday, why do I need to come back to clinic?

Although you were reviewed in the Emergency Department yesterday, you have now been referred for a specialist orthopaedic review. You will see a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon who will formulate a definitive treatment plan.

How many times will I need to come to hospital?

The number of visits you will have to make will depend on your injury and the treatment plan arranged by your consultant. On average, most people have one new appointment and two follow ups, but this is completely depending on individual circumstance.

Will I need an x-ray?

The trauma department use x-ray’s to determine fracture position initially rather than bone healing. Therefore, you will have an x-ray in the Emergency Department and possibly another at your follow up appointment although this is not always the case.

Will my appointment be on time?

You will be seen as close to your appointment time as possible. However the fracture clinic deals with a highly fluctuating workload and as such it is difficult to guarantee waiting times particularly during times of high demand.

Will I always see the same Doctor?

Not necessarily, you are under the care of a team of specialist orthopaedic surgeons who work closely together.

Can I keep a copy of the clinic letter?

Yes, please inform the receptionist on your arrival, and you will be sent one in the post.

What happens if I need an operation?

If you need an operation, a date for admission will be arranged as quickly as possible. This might be on the day of your clinic attendance or soon after. How soon you are operated on will depend on operating lists, the nature of your injury and the amount of demand.

Can I bring a relative or friend with me in my appointment?

Yes, but please be aware that seating in the waiting room is limited, so please try to only bring one relative or friend.

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Fracture Clinic Frequently Asked Questions