Care of a humeral fracture

Fractured humerus advice

If you have a fractured humerus you will have a collar and cuff which may include a plaster or brace depending on where the fracture is.

Do not

  • Do not put pillows, cushions or any support under your elbow as this will prevent gravity from doing its job of keeping the broken bone in alignment.
  • Do not try and put the arm into clothing as the movement may move the bone. You can keep the arm under clothing.
  • Do not take the collar and cuff off unless you are instructed by the doctor of physio.


  • Do take the brace off daily to wash and check the skin.
  • Do flex and extend your wrist (move up and down).
  • Do sit yourself up in the bed (with your arm hanging for gravity to do its job) as lying down will be very uncomfortable and may move the bone in the wrong direction.

(Bean bags are a great support for sitting up as pillows move when you move).

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Care of a humeral fracture