Your Outpatients Appointment

OutpatientsYou may be asked to attend a little earlier for tests or investigations e.g. x-rays, before seeing the doctor.

When you arrive

As soon as you arrive please check in at the self-check in kiosk (Brunel only) or at the reception desk. If you need any help ask a member of staff.

Your visit

You may see a doctor or other healthcare professional depending on which service you have been referred to. There will be a nurse who will be able to deal with any queries you may have. To make best use of your time with the doctor think of any brief questions you may have before coming to clinic. Keep a note of these to ask during your visit.

You may be offered minor treatment during your consultation, which you have the right to decline if you wish. You can arrange another appointment for the treatment to be carried out.

Some examinations or treatment may mean you will be in hospital for 2-3 hours or longer. Please make arrangements for travel, childcare and time off work on this basis.

After seeing the doctor

If you need a further appointment you will be given a form to take back to the receptionist before you leave.

If you are going home by ambulance or hospital car, please tell the Receptionist you are ready to leave and be prepared to wait 2-3 hours or longer in exceptional circumstances. This is regrettably due to the pressures on the transport system and is beyond our control. Every effort will be made to ensure a swift return journey. If you can organise a lift to and from the hospital yourself this would be appreciated.

If you are listed for Surgery under a General Anaesthetic you will need to be assessed by a Pre-Operative Assessment Nurse. You will be given further information regarding this.

Please return any equipment on loan to you e.g. crutches, walking sticks, etc. to the department that gave them to you. A lot of public money is lost when valuable equipment is not returned.

To cancel or reschedule your outpatient appointment

Please call 0300 555 0103 to discuss, change or cancel your appointment. 

Or email: outpatientscallcentre


If you have symptoms that include a new and continuous cough and/or high temperature, you should not attend your appointment. Visit for the latest advice. 

If you do not have symptoms, please attend your appointment as usual.

Access Assistance

If you are arriving unaccompanied to your outpatient appointment and require assistance, such as to be pushed in a wheelchair or to be guided due to a visual impairment, a Move Maker volunteer may be able to help.

To discuss your access requirements and enquire about Move Maker availability please telephone 0117 414 3709

Hospital Transport

For new appointments: If you need hospital transport you should ask your GP to arrange this for a first visit, however there are strict eligibility criteria.

Your Outpatients Appointment