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Pain Clinic Services Aims

We want to improve the quality of lives of our patients by controlling, reducing and where possible, curing their pain. We work in partnership with our patients, encouraging them to actively participate in the decision making process regarding their treatments.

The Pain Clinic Service is consultant-led, supported by an excellent team of nurses, specialist physiotherapists, pain psychologists, occupational therapists and advanced pain trainees. 

We work closely with Primary Care teams, the spinal and musculoskeletal assessment services, orthopaedic and spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists and rheumatologists. Through this joined approach, we formulate a  management plan that addresses the physical as well as the emotional well-being of our patients.

Our approach to care is personalised and we provide the support needed to encourage independence.

The aim of the Pain Clinic is to:

  • provide a joined up, multi-professional patient specific assessment of your pain and put in place an individual management plan, enabling you to lead a more normal life with reduced disability.
  • develop an individual management plan with psychological and behavioural support if required to live a fuller life in spite of pain. There may be different drugs/medication or injections that can help, but even if this is an option many people still need help to manage their pain so that they can Increase social and physical functioning with reduced disability. We work to support both you and your GP to manage your pain.
  • promote self-management, with related benefits of fewer inappropriate medical appointments and re-admissions.


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Telephone: 0117 4147361

Cossham Hospital
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Fax: 0117 3408466

If you feel you have an urgent concern please seek medical advice from your GP.

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