Cardiology Inpatients

Inpatient services are provided on Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)/ Acute Cardiology ward at Gate 27A, Level 4 of the Brunel building at Southmead Hospital.

Both areas provide specialised cardiology care in all areas of acute and interventional cardiology.

The nursing team is led by Sister Jennie Speedie and Matron Sarah Lidgett.

Contact Cardiology

Cardiology Outpatient Bookings
Telephone: 0300 5550103

Cardiac Cath Lab Co-ordinator
Telephone: 0117 4149046

Cardiac Care Unit
Telephone: 0117 4140050

Acute Cardiology Ward
Telephone: 0117 4140050

Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
Telephone: 0117 4143500

Cardiac Testing
Telephone: 0117 4140800

Clevedon Hospital
Telephone: 01275 872212

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Telephone: 0117 4140040
Fax: 0117 4149468

Cardiology Secretaries
Fax: 0117 4149377

Cardiology Inpatients